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Hi, I am Natthinee and I’m not vegan. article

Hi, I am Natthinee and I’m not vegan.


          Vegans believe that humans should not eat animals, and I respect their belief. Although there are many reasons why I cannot become a vegan, this doesn’t mean that I am cruel to animals or contribute to their suffering. I love animals and never intend to hurt them. As a cook and creator of healthy recipes for my family, I need to use meat in my dishes. Besides, I learned that protein from vegetables is impotent and does not provide our bodies enough. Therefore, humans need powerful protein from animals to give them daily energy. Eating meat, however, doesn’t make one a bad person. I love meat as much as I love my food, and that is why I cannot become a vegan.


          First, I was born in a countryside in the northeast Thailand. Our ancestors cleared land in the jungle to create land for grazing for farming, and for children to live. The small idyllic village was full of friendly people around our family. We had an incredibly rich culture, and we were content. My family farmed and we raised different kinds of animals. The largest group of animals that we owned were water buffaloes. We used the buffaloes to work in the rice fields and on the farm land. Beyond that, we raised chickens and ducks around our yard. Even though we raised a big group of water buffaloes, we didn’t slaughter them. We only ate the buffaloes when one died of natural causes. Then we would cook the meat and share it with others in the village. We loved our animals and felt for them when they suffered from any reason. In addition, we were inconsolable when they passed away. We tried our best to save them as if they were our family, but if one died, we would eat it and always be appreciative for the meat. By eating animals, you don’t contribute to their suffering.


          Second, in the village it was not easy to get meat from a big animal like a cow or a pig. The majority of the meat that we ate came from fish, shell fish, and insects because they were cheap to obtain or we could catch them around the village. Besides, we ate meat only on a special holiday when the family gathered together. For example, during the Songkran festival, the largest holiday in Thailand, we cook a big meal with meat to feed the whole family, and we share our joy and happiness with neighbors. Since we raised chickens and ducks, we cooked them too. As you can see, chickens and ducks were the only animals that we raised to eat. Our parents were responsible for feeding us good food with the hope that we would grow up and be healthy. In the small village where we never received any help from the government for food, we ate what was the best for our life and family. If eating meat made us bad citizens, then the rest of Thailand was bad too. Nevertheless, we still paid taxes to our country and live in accordance with the law. We respect ourselves and other people, including vegans.


          Third, in Buddhist countries we believe that we should not kill animals but we understand the basic belief and consequences for breaking rule. No one in this world knows if there is life after death. We prefer to enjoy life by eating good food with family and living happily. If other people think that Buddhists who eat animals are bad, then the monks who eat the meat from the food we offer to them are bad like us. Imagine if this world had no religion saying what we can do or what we can eat, our lives would be different. We have the right to choose the best for our life. We don’t think that vegans are better than carnivores. We respect each other’s belief and try to live happily.


          Lastly, the scientist said that we can get protein without harming the animals. According to the Alexandra Jamieson, chef, coach, and mom,, she wrote an excellent letter to one of her followers: “I’m not vegan anymore.” During the time she was a vegan, her body became weak and unhealthy because she did not get enough protein. In addition, she had cravings for meat and would salivate when she saw other people eat meat. She feared that other people would think that she was bad because she turned her back and ended up eating meat again. She had an epiphany that she should eat meat again, and she preferred eating meat and eating clean to improve her health. Even more, vegans believe that eating animals is horrible because you contribute to the animals suffering, degradation of the environment, and think that eating vegetarian is great for body. I strongly disagree with Moby’s belief because I think people suffer in this world the same as animals. Even if we don’t eat animals, the cycle of life is going to have a large animal eat a smaller one. Therefore, eating healthy and clean is the best for us. It does not matter if you eat meat or not, your body and you have the right to choose for yourself.


          In conclusion, I don’t think that vegans are better than carnivores. While I respect their beliefs, I believe every person has the right to decide whether he or she wants to eat meat. For those who are considering becoming vegan because they think it will be healthier, please remember that one can eat meat and be healthy by using lean cuts and moderation. I prefer to cook the food with potent protein from meat instead of protein from vegetable. As long as I eat clean with a good protein along with vegetables, I will have a heathy body. Eat what you want, and let others do the same. When you look at the people around you, can you say who is carnivore and who is vegan? Whether one is vegan or carnivore, are they going to live forever?”

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